Haven't I seen this before?

Well, you may have dreamt it (we certainly have) but we're the only company that has the ability to deliver our multi-patented, non-interruptive and all-inclusive experience
defined by kenxus.

Oh great, now I've got to build this thing -
I'm already maxed-out!?

Both a question and a cry for help - we hear you loud and clear.  Simply put, we do all the heavy-lifting and build your turnkey custom Portal for you.  You just provide the images and links and we're off to the races.

Who puts the deals together?

Many content creators already have brand partners and we help
elevate those existing relationships.
If you're a content creator and you're looking for brand partners or if you're a brand and you're looking for a content partner, we can help.  Give us a shout.

Do our viewers have to download or install anything -
we hate that?

The kenxus Portals are built for Mobile Web, meaning that all the fun happens in your browser.  We set out to create a very "app-like" experience for your mobile devices and believe we hit the mark.  You'll let us know.

Does this mean my company now has to produce video that works with kenxus?

We support video streams from YouTube, Wistia, UStream, and Brightcove.  We simply point to the location at which you host  your video content.

Wait, you mean you can use our existing YouTube feed?

Isn't that cool?!  Yes, the very same feed.  We actually point to your specific YouTube address, effectively increasing exposure and views for that unique feed.
The kenxus Portals are also very happy with feeds from Wistia as well as live streams from UstreamBrightcove and YouTube.

Where in tarnation will our viewers go to use one of
these new-fangled Portals?

Anywhere you can embed a YouTube player, you can embed a kenxus Portal.  We foresee a not-too-distant future in which you'll find Portals at all your favorite sites and blogs and eventually on Facebook and YouTube itself.

This is insanely cool but I have more questions.

We'd love to hear from you and are happy to answer any additional questions you have and to set up a  one-on-one (or as many as you'd like on the call) screenshare session to tour you through the entire kenxus experience.

Contact us.